Are you looking for a life-changing experience the next time you visit the Bahamas? If so, then you should look into swimming with pigs at Rose Island.

The Bahamas’ swimming pigs have been a tourist attraction for some time now. You can’t swim with pigs in Nassau, but if you’re staying in Nassau, you’re just a short cruise away from Rose Island!

Swimming with pigs is fun and can leave you with a great feeling that will last a lifetime. For more information on swimming with the Rose Island pigs keep reading below.

The Rose Island Piggies

Before we get into the life-changing experience, you will have let’s get some background on the pigs you will meet. Usually, people are hesitant about swimming with pigs because they may believe that the pigs found in the Bahamas can be dangerous.

They aren’t wrong, there are pigs that will attack you if you venture into their territory, but they are wild pigs. You can find wild pigs throughout the Bahamas and they love to hang around beaches.

The pigs you will hang out with are domesticated and raised with royal treatment. They are used to sharing their space with humans and love the attention. These are the nicest pigs you will find on the beaches in the Bahamas.

Spending time with the Rose Island pigs will provide you many experiences. Some will even leave a lifetime impression.

1. It’s a Unique Experience

If you’re traveling to Rose Island or don’t live far off, you should really make the trip to go see its pigs. The swimming pigs at Rose Island are nice, fun, and will offer you a unique experience.

It’s rare that people get to go swimming with pigs. This is an experience few have had and some even put on their bucket list.

2. You Will Feel Relaxed

When swimming with the Rose Island pigs you will be in crystal clear water with great company. The pigs will swim around you creating a serene image and feel.

Watching the pigs have fun and play with one another is something that will relax you by taking your mind off of pressing and stressful matters. Take the time to enjoy the moment and leave all your cares behind.

3.  You Will Have Fun

Each pig has a mind of its own, which makes this experience fun and fulfilling. You will play with the pigs in the water which is a lot of fun for anyone at any age.

You will also feed the pigs a treat that they will nuzzle right out of your hand. You will get to see each pig’s personality and have a great time getting to know them.

4. The Whole Family Can Join In

Swimming with the Rose Island pigs isn’t something exclusive for adults, anyone in the family can join in the fun! Swimming with pigs is a great experience for the whole family and can be a reasonably-priced excursion on your Bahamas trip.

Kids can splash and play with the pigs while you all make memories that will last a lifetime. Even older family members will have fun in the waist-high water as they feed and play with the piggies.

By making this a family affair, you will make memories that last a lifetime. This will provide each of you with a unique experience and offer a great time for anyone that comes along.

5. You Are Supporting a Bigger Cause

The pigs that live at Rose Island were born and raised there or were rescued from local farms. By swimming with them, you are supporting the establishment that rescues them and helps to give the pigs the best care.

Your money goes into their food and royal treatment so they can feel like the kings and queens they are. You even help with their daily care and vet expenses that may come up.

6. You Can Spend The Whole Day on Rose Island

A trip where you do random things or even veer off the path of typical tourism is more memorable than sitting in a resort all day. Thanks to Rose Island, you can spend the whole day with the pigs.

If you’re unsure what to do one day during your trip why not head out to Rose Island in the morning and leave in the evening? Hanging out with the pigs all day will provide you with an experience like no other and give you amazing stories to tell long after your trip has ended.

Even if you’re planning a whole beach day, why not share it with the piggies? You can get your beach day while making some new friends.

Are You Ready to Try Swimming with Pigs?

If swimming with pigs is something you’ve always wanted to do, nows the time to do it. You can swim, feed, and play with the laid-back and domesticated Rose Island pigs.

By swimming with pigs, you will create everlasting memories that will last a lifetime. Also, you can feel good knowing that spending time with the pigs helps them to have the best lives they can.

Overall, swimming with pigs is an amazing experience that people young and old can enjoy while having the time of their lives.

Our full-day excursions from Nassau to Rose Island include the swimming pigs. You’ll also get access to the island, snorkeling, lunch, and all the other amazing Sandy Toes amenities available to guests! For more information on Sandy Toes and the Rose Island pigs, be sure to check out our website here.