Here are some peacock facts

Peacocks take three years to develop their tail plumage.

When they are born and for months afterward, male and female peachicks appear identical. A male doesn’t develop color until it is about three months old, and it is not until full maturity at three years old that its brilliant display tails are in full plumage.

A peacock can fly, despite its massive trains.

Despite their long and heavy tail plumage, which is folded up out of fan position, peacocks often fly short distances to escape a tree branch for protection from predators or to nest at night. A peacock’s tail plumage can grow up to five feet long and make up around 60% of its body length.

Only males have those long, brilliant plumage.

Like most bird species, the male species of peafowls features such attractive color and lovely decorative tail plumage. In addition, only the males are called peacocks since the females are called peahens, although both sexes are normally referred to as peacocks. A group of peacocks is known as a bevy, a muster, ostentation, or even a party.

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