Is there a more beautiful place for a retreat than The Bahamas?

Corporate retreats tend to fall into a few formulaic categories. Everyone’s always trying to save a buck, which is understandable, but the first thing to go when budget cuts come down are destination corporate retreats. That leaves us with boring and unengaging trips to a place nearby or no retreat at all.

At Sandy Toes on Rose Island, we know the value that natural beauty, great weather, and fun activities can bring to a corporate retreat. Inspiration and a desire to grow come from one’s surroundings, so if you show your employees that hard work and dedication can pay off in a big way, they’re going to give you everything they have.

Today, we’re going to tell you why you should choose The Bahamas as your next corporate retreat destination. Not only is it gorgeous and relaxing, but there’s so much to do in the way of team building activities. Once you go, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been retreating to The Bahamas all along.

Why You Need a Corporate Retreat

If your company is in a position to use funds on a corporate retreat, you should always do it. In 2008, when the financial crisis hit a high point, companies were slashing their budgets and, of course, the first thing to go was large-scale corporate retreats.

They’re on their way back, however. As more emphasis is being put on the mental and physical well-being of employees, quality work environments, and striking a good work-life balance, the need for things like corporate retreats becomes obvious.

But why are they necessary? Couldn’t you just arrange a few team building activities outside of the workplace and be done with it?

Unlike team-building excursions, corporate retreats don’t attempt to force a connection between employees. They inspire long-term positive change by giving employees a sense of comradery and the ability to take their work out of the office and into a completely different setting.

It’s important to choose a place that’s representative of the ideals that your company holds so that your employees can use their surroundings to learn how to work together and come up with new solutions.

Finding a remote location with great accommodations and using it as the backdrop for your retreat should always be the priority. When it all comes together is when the work doesn’t feel like work and the playtime forges powerful relationships that can move your company forward.

The Bahamas is undeniable as a vacation destination, but what not many people know is that it works really well as a corporate retreat as well.

Choosing The Bahamas Is the Way to Go

It’s no secret that The Bahamas is beautiful, but one might associate it more with rest and relaxation than getting any amount of work done. If you’ve got a dedicated team of professionals, the relaxing setting is actually an enormous benefit.


There’s a lot more to The Bahamas than laying on the beach, but who doesn’t enjoy kicking back for a few hours underneath the sun? When you’re relaxing in an exotic, beautiful location with some coworkers, you’re sure to engage in some unexpected conversations.

That’s what’s most magical about this kind of island retreat. Being able to engage with people you work with in new and interesting ways, you’re going to end up getting somewhere you never would have otherwise. The fact is, offices can be stuffy and uptight, leading to a more conservative approach to teamwork.

Let the island vibes wash over your entire company and see how this laid back retreat manifests itself in conversations and ideas. We’re sure the rest and relaxation will have profound effects on the way your team operates.

Fun & Games

The other part of what makes an island corporate retreat so special is the activities that you can plan for your team. It’s not all about walking through the jungle or relaxing on the beach, you can put your best and brightest in different scenarios to find out how they react and think about how these things relate to the workplace.

For example, at Sandy Toes, we offer full-day excursions that are sure to create the perfect team-building scenarios. With private tours, snorkeling excursions, swimming pigs, and lots of beach games and activities, your employees can learn to have fun with one another while they continue to grow as colleagues.

Get Back Refreshed and With a New Perspective

A great corporate retreat should leave you and your colleagues feeling refreshed and with a new perspective on work and your relationships. Companies rarely move forward by revisiting the same old methods, but when you can all laugh, relax, and get to know one another on a more personal level, that growth can happen.

The Bahamas is the perfect place for that to happen. Book your company retreat by visiting We can help you organize activities, catering, and accommodations so you can focus on getting your employees on the same page and boosting your company morale.

We offer personalized group events, so just let us know how many members you have in your party and we’ll make your next retreat one to remember.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Don’t let your corporate environment grow stagnant. Treat your employees to a retreat that they’ll never forget and you’ll see the many ways that it’ll improve productivity and morale while simultaneously boosting your numbers.

Contact us today to speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives and start organizing your Bahamas corporate retreat. If you’re looking for more ideas for your retreat, you can also visit our blog.